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10 Of My Favorite Interior Design Trends For 2023

I love how new trends come about with every new year. Whether it be in interior design, fashion, health, business, etc. The new year is always about change & discovery in all facets, isn't that cool?! Any how lets get back to the topic at hand, which is my favorite trends in design for this coming year!

Natural Elements

So the word on the "design street" is that pine is having a moment! With the price of all supplies going up, and the sustainability movement continuing forward, this makes pine an excellent design choice. If you're not crazy about pine, incorporating any type of natural element will keep your home on trend for 2023!

WallPapered Powder Rooms

I feel like this trend has been on again off again for sometime now! I love seeing wallpaper in a bathroom because it's the perfect room to make a statement in. I feel like powder rooms should be fun, a little unexpected, and they should have a personality. Since wallpaper can get expensive, it would be much more affordable to try wallpaper out in the powder room first, and see how you like it!

Design With Your Personality In Mind

Umm hello, if you know me, you know that a lot of my home design is personality driven, so of course I am embracing this trend should you! I truly feel that your home should absolutely be a representation of you and not just because you chose the floors, cabinets, & fixtures. Share with your guests your favorite art, the color you adore most, the souvenir from your favorite trip, or a piece of furniture that just screams you! Who cares what everyone else is doing in their home, Do You!! Oh how I love this trend so!!

Lots Of Texture

Texture can mean anything from plaster and lime washes, plaster hoods, wood and stone. Adding texture can create physical comfort and visual interest into a space.

Mixing materials and layering is the key to making texture work.

A Wellness Room

Given the state of my mind, body, & soul these days, this new trend is my absolute fav!! Basically, a wellness room or space is created for activities such as meditation, yoga, exercise, and home spas. No one is saying your space needs to look like a hotel spa, you can actually carve a nook out of a room and dream up a little area there. The point is that these days we are craving a quiet peaceful spot that we can retreat to in our home when needed! Because ya never know when you're gonna need a little serenity! Stay tuned because I'm planning on dedicating an entire post just to wellness rooms and how to create the perfect space for you!

Sustainable Design

This year consumers are becoming more mindful of choosing environmentally friendly options. All things green and eco are at the top of the list. More are also asking where and how is this made. A simple, minimal, organized space is one of the first steps to sustainable design. Using eco friendly products, methods, and smart technology are also an important practice in sustainable design. Ditching cheaply made furniture and putting money into investment pieces and antiques is also a great way to help the environment.

Designated Dining Room

So guess what folks, dining rooms are making a comeback. Personally, I like the combination of open living with some designated spaces. I'm all about open concept, but I do love warmth and coziness in a home as well. The dining room is the perfect room for this! It gives people a place to gather. And if there is no way to create walls, some are creating little nooks within bigger open spaces, whether it be with seating areas, or even using screens to partition off sections!

Soft Modern Kitchens

People love a modern design, but sometimes it can seem too cold and sterile. With a soft modern kitchen, contrast is the key. This design is achieved by taking a twist on both traditional and modern design and putting the two together. I like to call it mixing and matching! The reason this trend is so appealing to clients is because it gives current designs, softened by classics that will keep the design timeless. This means less money spent on renovation down the road.

Lighting As Art

This year lighting is taking center stage. Designers are playing with both the ambience and beauty of lighting. Still keeping recessed lighting in mind, many designers are incorporating more art like over head fixtures, as well as, focusing on floor lighting in their designs. Can't go wrong with a floor lamp or two from Target, and Home Depot (online) has some awesome overhead light fixtures too! This way you're not breaking the bank while trying to stay on trend.

Performance Fabrics

One of the main objectives in 2023 design are beautiful, yet livable spaces. This is where performance fabrics come in, especially for families with children & pets, as well as those who are prone to spilling period. I'm sure when you think durable fabrics the first to come to mind is Sunbrella, but there are so many options out there now that mimic the look of natural fiber fabrics. Now you can have functional usable design with great aesthetics too!

So does this mean that with every new year, that we must change up our homes interior. The short answer would be no, however, the beginning of the year always seem to symbolize a time to refresh. The tricky part is, what is the definition of a refresh? In my opinion a refresh includes anything from redesigning an entire kitchen, to new accessories, to just moving things around like furniture & art. You can take the trends as extreme or minimal as you would like! I believe that any change, big or little, not only helps keep your home on trend, but also keeps the space interesting & new!


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