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Hello all of you beautiful people!

Jess here, creator of Pearls To A Picnic, Mom of 3 boys, Real Estate Broker for @properties, and owner of Urban Tee Party!

I started this blog years ago as a creative outlet and a way for me to share my ideas. Life and new projects happened, and I found myself on other paths. Sometimes though, if something is meant to be, it doesn’t go away, it's sits in the background until it is time for it to shine again.

So 5 years later...

Pearls is Back!

With a background in the interior design industry, a set stylist for a major magazine publication, a freelance fashion stylist, a Real Estate agent, a zealous home cook, and lover of all things fitness, you might want to prepare yourself for a plethora of content, that could potentially come in many forms! haha

My brain is on the loose with this project, and wherever it takes me creatively, is where I will go!

My ultimate motivation for the blog is to inform, inspire, and excite!

If I can show people something new...create something ones eyes...bring on a smile....offer positivity...or just plain educate,

then the purpose of this blog has been found!


I will try to keep most things simple, and I will always make it fun!

Thank you for exploring Pearls To A Picnic!

Now lets tour life together.

Now lets journey through life together



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