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My Fernful Fall Front Porch

Time for a front porch switch up! Most of us change the front of our homes and decorate with each season or holiday, and that can get very costly. So when I do any changeup, whether big or small, I always try to mix stuff that I already have with any new pieces I might acquire.

Whatever it is that I end up buying, I like to make sure it's neutral enough so that I can use it again on another design in the future.

Designing My Porch

Before I even began, I knew that I wanted to use the ferns that I have been growing all summer in my backyard! They are huge, look so healthy, & they would make the perfect foundation for my design and best of all...they're FREE!

Once I committed to my big ferns in their green/blue ceramic pots, I decided that they would be the "theme", so I went out and bought two more. These two were smaller than the others so I planted them in brownish urns that I had, this added a little bit of height to the design. Now I had four ferns and not much color, so I decided to grab a couple of magenta celosia to use as the perfect accent color!

Next, I knew that I wanted to use my big black metal lanterns, but I also knew that I wanted to add another smaller pair to the design and I wanted those to be wood!

Luckily Amazon had the perfect set, and they were on sale 🙌

Now I had all of my plants and my 2 sets of lanterns. All that was missing was the rug! Since I often like to be non traditional, I decided to use a black and white striped base rug and a coir mat with the saying "I hope you brought wine"🍷 😂 Happy Fall!! haha

So the cool part about using the black and white rug, is that it will transition perfectly into a Halloween front porch, so be sure to check back in on that!

So here it is, my Fall front porch.

Simple, pretty, with a touch of Lush 🤩



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